Santa Barbara Wild

Promoting nature-centered experiences for children that instill wonder and engender curiosity; take place in outdoor settings ranging from backyards to neighborhoods to city parks to wilderness; and occur in the form of guided activities as well as unstructured nature play in children’s everyday lives.

Leave No Child Inside Santa Barbara

A collaboration of organizations and individuals building a movement to reconnect our kids to nature.
Our goal is to reverse the societal trend of the past three decades in which children and youth have become disconnected from direct experience in the outdoors in their everyday lives.

“For eons, human beings spent most of their formative years in nature. But within the space of a few decades, the way children understand and experience nature has changed radically. Healing the broken bond between our young and nature is in everyone’s self-interest, not only because aesthetics or justice demand it, but also because our mental, physical, and spiritual health depend upon it.”
Richard Louv